17th April, 2020


On Monday, April 13th, Roee Feldman began the Futbolistanbul Cup with 19 other top players from 10 teams. The tournament was arranged by the Turkish organization Futbolist Esports and featured a total of 20 players. At the end of the tournament on April 16th, Roee Feldman stood out as the best player of the 3-day FIFA marathon. 

Roee Feldman, Player, Future FC:

- I felt very good about my own game throughout the entire tournament. It's not often you feel that much in control for so many consecutive games. The exception would be the semifinal against Aniva. We really pushed each other far and it was so close for the entire series. I'm really happy that I could keep my focus and win in the last couple of minutes.

- This win coming right after me and Üstün won the FIFA Pro Exhibition Cup feels amazing and gives all of us in Future FC a lot of confidence. 

The tournament was divided into two groups with the latter determining who advances to the playoffs. On Day 1, Roee Feldman finished #2 in his group with 3 wins and 1 tie. His record took a big leap forward on Day 2 finishing #1 and qualifying for the playoffs.

Roee was put to the test in a very challenging semifinal but edged out his opponent in the end. This win was a slingshot into the final where Roee's momentum didn't slow down and the 18-year Israeli player finished the tournament with a convincing series in the final.